Residential Moving Tips

Make Your Move LESS Stressful

  • Don’t wait until the night before to start your packing! You’ll probably quickly realize that you have much more to go through than originally thought.
  • Start your packing with the areas and the contents of your home that are the least often used, saving your food and other necessities for last.
  • Linens, stuffed animals and other like items can be placed in plastic bags which will allow for extra cushioning for your belongings.
  • Pack all heavy items at the bottom of your boxes but do not place any heavy items with your breakables. Tape all boxes at the top and bottom. Double tape the bottoms of all heavy boxes for better support.
  • Use the appropriate boxes for the items you are packing. Place books in small book boxes and not large dish cartons. Filling large boxes with all books makes for extra work for anyone moving. All items have specific boxes to be placed in. Tips like this will help your residential moving in DelhiNCR or anywhere go more smoothly.

Moving Day

  • Complete all packing as best as possible prior to the start of the move. If boxes are packed, cabinets and shelves are cleared out and ready to be moved then the time of your move will be substantially less.
  • If you are moving in/out of an apartment or Studio, try to reserve an elevator or loading dock as early in advance as possible.
  • Reserve a parking area if possible. The closer the truck can be the easier the move will be


  • You can disconnect washers and dryers the day of the move but only if the dryer is not gas. Gas appliances need to be serviced by a licensed gas company.
  • Allow adequate time for your refrigerators and freezers to defrost so unplug them the night before or as early as possible prior to the move.

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