Settling In Services

Getting to know the neighborhood takes time and expertise. Allow us to help show you the way with introductory tours, to find everything from your local grocery to the nearest gym. Our settling in services can be completely customized and tailored to you and your family’s interests and needs. We’ll begin with an in depth consultation, to help narrow down how we can help support you and follow up with a detailed plan of action and white glove service to help you get settled into life anywhere in India

Beginning consultation – We’ll get to know you first, then build a plan that fits your needs. The first step in the settling in services is our consultation where we can get a feel for your needs.

Program creation and overview – Tailor-made programs also have the benefit of organizing your time to fit your schedule. Choose the timing and activities that suit your priorities and let us do the rest.

Settling in Tours and Services – Your program may include basic things such as setting up bank accounts and neighborhood tours, or even more specific things such as registering for yoga courses or getting internet services connected. Whatever it is you need help with, our expert consultants know Mumbai inside and out and will have you set up in no time.

SETTLING IN: THE PROCESS Our settling in services begin right from your first steps off of the plane after arriving. Having confirmed all of your personal details and needs in advance, we’ll pick you up from the airport and help begin to get you settled-in Mumbai, right away: Needs assessment
Program building
Settling in service after arrival

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