Thanksgiving to all our labour community by NJ Relocations


Thanksgiving to all our labour community by Abode Relocation

The outbreak of pandemic coronavirus has made the world standstill. With closing companies around the world, the economy suffering a severe blow, with most countries in the lockdown, we are all battling Covid-19 the best we can. We are having the privilege of “coronavirus and chill” aka stay home; stay safe, however, during this epidemic times, the medical community including doctors, nurses, and medical staff, are the warriors on the frontlines fighting this disease and putting their lives at risk to keep us safe. The cleaners and the other people who are working, their contribution cannot be ignored.

Abode Relocation  parts cordial gratitude towards all the valued and undervalued frontline fighters who are doing the painstaking task of keeping you safe.

We are grateful for the everyday work, particularly during this pandemic, for the sacrifices that you make. We express our heartfelt appreciation and respect for your devotion, determination, and bravery. Your customer care saves many lives and generates thousands of variations.

Therefore, this is a thank you, which is said more profusely than any other. Thanks to the grocery staff, as desperate customers throng the shops, leaving the shelves in need of endless replenishment, the checkouts demand constant attention and disinfection. Thank you to those who produce and distribute food and the goods required for a healthier existence. Gratitude to those who keep our transportation network running, preventing the breakdown of infrastructure in the country!

Thanks to police officers, midwives, nurses, and physicians, exhausted and under-resourced long before an exploded public health emergency in the clinics and outpatients. Sometimes lack of resources and personnel are there but still take the risk to save lives with inadequate helmets, safety protection, or monitoring. 

Thanks to the cleaners, among the most under-estimated and underpaid employees in the country. If it is, by extinguishing the unseen tormentors in our immune systems, you save thousands of lives each year – in hospitals and office buildings. 

We are much obliged to the people who are working from their homes as it is not easy to connect people virtually and maintain the same commercial décor from home. 

Thank you, they’re necessary, but they’re not enough. To add sense to this appreciation, it will contribute to an urgent reassessment of who we admire most in society, and how we treat them. It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic to show how so many employees are low paid, marginalized, and treated unfairly by society, but without them, the nation can’t even survive.

Abode Relocation appreciates the work of the entire natives who are working during this pandemic time. Moments of gratitude and humanity are shining through the cracks of coronavirus. All around the world, people are working for those who are staying at home. During this crucial time, everyone’s contribution is paramount. This time is going to mark its history, and people will be remembered forever for their philanthropist soul. Saying thanks to doctors, nurses, daily needs providers, suppliers, officials, Police officers, Transporter, Drivers, Porter and other people is not enough, but we are supporting them too. 

Thanksgiving to all our labour community by Abode Relocation

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