Benefits of relocating in monsoon


Relocating from one place to another can bring a hassled wave of stress, hustle & bustle and a lot of confusions. Moreover, moving from one place to another can sound quite challenging in the monsoons, but to your surprise, this season can bring you some really finest benefits. Additionally, hiring an ideal moving and packing company and taking a few precautions can definitely save some extra penny in your pocket. 

In this article, we will try to understand some of the key advantages of shifting during the monsoon season.

Ideal time to examine the surrounding area

Monsoons can be the best time to do a reality check on the conditions of the neighborhood where you are planning to move. It will help you to scrutinize factors such as measuring the extend of the roads getting flooded, the degree of the degradation of the conditions such as drowning due to rains, water logging or any other commuting issues, analyzing how slippery and muddy the roads turn to be (to judge how hard driving would be) etc. The monsoon time helps you to deeply learn about the area (you are planning to reside) thereby saving you from unpleasant surprises which might arise during this season.

Easy on your pocket

Moving during the monsoon would sound like a frightening idea for many; hence a drop in the number of the buyers or sellers is often seen during this month. Also, people fear the challenges that one has to face owing to climate conditions.

However, with proper planning and schedule, it is possible to move at considerably lower rates and with the utmost ease. It’s the perfect time wherein you can find the apartment of your choice at a very reasonable cost, which would be comparatively higher in other seasons. You can also negotiate well with the owner as they are likely to settle for a low budget owing to the fall in the demand of the buyers/renters as compared to the other part of the year.

Moving out from the home would definitely help

People usually prefer to rest in their couches during the monsoon and refuse to head out of the house as far as they can, however, this period is the best time to move out for site visits. Looking for a house at this time will help you to sign a deal at a relatively low price and as per your preference.

You get an idea of the road conditions

Reaching office on time is one of the difficult tasks during the monsoons owing to heavy traffic jams and other issues like water logging, congestion etc. Hence getting prior knowledge about the road conditions will help you to calculate how long and manageable it would be while commuting to the office. This will also help you to make an informed decision before buying or renting a house.

Final word

In spite of all the above perks, relocating might not compliment packing or moving, however, finding an equipped and reliable packing and moving company can help in making things easier for you.

So are you looking for such an ideal company?

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Things to consider before moving abroad


Congratulations on cracking the final round of interview for moving overseas! That’s great news! But, there is so much to keep considering every time you plan of moving from one city to another. Isn’t it? Besides, moving abroad is a different game altogether! Right from packing your stuff (not forgetting the baggage allowance that the airline offers), to cancelling your current subscriptions in India, every move becomes a daunting task. You may seek recommendations from friends and relatives to safely pack your belongings and finally reach the new country. Fortunately, today, there are so many packers and movers companies available that make your move as easy as a pieHowever, there are a bunch of things you can’t chose to ignore while moving abroad. 

Mentioned below are some of the handy tips that you should consider for embarking a new journey overseas. 

  1. Go get a diary and make a to-do-list

Certainly nothing won’t help things get better, except a to-do-list that you need to make for getting things organized. There are utilities as well as subscriptions you need to cancel. Noting things in a diary will keep you up-to-date in case you tend to forget. Professional packers and movers will help your moving get better and hassle-free, however, there are things that would be only in your control. Therefore, without any delay, do cancel your newspaper, internet, electricity as well as gas subscriptions. 

  • Give that old stuff you won’t be utilizing anymore.

There might be old furniture and electronics that you won’t be utilizing anymore or probably want to get rid of it. All you need to do is get in touch with Abode Relocation who will help you clear your trash as well as your kid’s old toys. A professional packers and movers who help in international relocation at competitive rates added with exceptional services for your transferees with faster transit times. They also allocate a Dedicated Relocations Expert (DRE) for every moving employee. The best part of opting for Abode Relocation is that they also offer end-to-end support for rental furniture, temporary housing as well as School assistance. So, get rid of all that you don’t need anymore. Disposal services is an added advantage here!

  • Google about your new destination and learn the language if possible

Moving to a new country isn’t that easy. After all, the culture, traditions, festivities as well as language differs. Therefore, it is advisable to research about your new destination and learn basics such as how to greet people, etc. Living with locals will help you understand the language better. However, doing your homework will also help you converse easily. So, do not delude yourself. Explore the country digitally before you finally move in.

  • Cost of living

Once you receive the offer letter from the HR, you will get a clear understanding of what would be your expenses and salary benefits. Do ensure to negotiate for the salary and other perks. Find out the rental costs and other living costs in the new country. Find out about opening a bank account abroad and the formalities too. 

  • Selling or renting your existing property

Well, this would solely depend on whether your new job posting is a temporary or a permanent one. There are professional packers and movers who look after rental/outright agreement.

Common Moving Mistakes You Can’t afford to commit!



‘The packers and movers Company that I hired didn’t arrive in time and hence I suffered a substantial loss.’ 

‘The relocation service provider also charged me a very high fee as compared to what was stated in the agreement’. 

‘I got a bad back-ache with horrible experiences when I tried to save bucks by shifting the household items myself’. 

You might have either experienced the above or heard your friends or relatives complaining about these issues. To make your relocating experience seamless and hassle-free, we have listed out some of the common moving mistakes you can’t afford to commit.

#Mistake – 1

Not scheduling your move

So, there exists a troop of people who take moving or relocating quite an easy task. They think they can simply go with the flow since packing and moving is a cakewalk. This overconfidence may lead to last minute packing and stuffing things in boxes with absolutely little or no sense of organization, making your move a very unpleasant one.

What can you do instead: Make a proper schedule, prior to starting the packing activity. Jot down the schedule of packing and moving your household items. Begin at least 3 weeks early from your actual moving day for giving yourself plenty of time. Organize the storage areas first, since they seem to be the trickiest things when it comes to packing. Then proceed room-by-room for keeping the process organized.

#Mistake – 2

You are a proud Treasure Collector

It’s years and years that you’ve been collecting trove of kitchen tools, clothing, books, magazines, etc. People won’t ever call you a minimalist. So why would you wish to move such cluttered stuff back to your new home?

What can you do instead: Before you initiate packing it is essential that you spend a few days identifying things that you don’t use or probably won’t be using in your new home. Get RID of them right away! Yeah, this will help you get some mental peace. Not only that, you will also save your bucks by packing and unpacking these stuff by hiring a packers and movers company. To keep fond memories, you make click snaps of the items you should trash but don’t feel like doing so! 

#Mistake – 3

You didn’t carry a thorough research on the packers and movers company you just hired

There are tons of moving companiesavailable these days, however not all of them are reliable and professional. Do not just go for the first Company that comes on your search engine while carrying out the research. Check the rate sheet thoroughly and compare the same with their services offered.

What can you do instead: Some of the best Movers and Packers such as Abode Relocation are the finest options when it comes to reliability, punctuality and the rest all follows! Therefore, Google that perfect movers and packers that will make your relocating experience a hassle-free one! You may also read reviews, compare rates and services offered by different packers and moversbefore taking a final call. 

#Mistake – 4

You act strong and smart and DIY your move when you know you need Professional help

Relocating isn’t an easy task. It may wreck your nerves away and give you a bad body pain. Sometimes, the pain is aggravates and you may need to see a doctor and be on medications. You may take your friends help and will thus be labor intensive. We understand that hiring professional packers and movers isn’t cheap, however it’s almost worth it always. 

What can you do insteadBe honest enough with yourself for the move is going to entail as well as the time and effort you will be willing to put into it. A DIY move is perfectly fine when you don’t have much stuff to relocate. However, if you have a truck full of belongings, hire a professional movers and packers!


You relocating to a new home doesn’t really have to be a drag. You can be prepared ahead of time by simply taking measures to evade common moving mistakes. This will certainly help you in setting yourself up for a suggestively easier process. Surprises may yet occur, however, at least you know that you’ve majorly got your basics covered. Therefore all you need to do is plan, plan and only plan!  If you wish to find a new place to call it home sweet home, contact Abode Relocation to get houses on rent today Their experience and the quality of service will certainly make your move as easy as a pie. Get a free quote by calling at 868 999 8800 and learn more about their services.

Tips for a Successful Job Relocation


It’s not rare for job seekers to move for their dream job. Moreover, conditions such as lack of local employment openings, hard economic times as well as industry consolidation can push you to rethink where you earn your living. In today’s complex world, relocation can hit you hard professionally, emotionally and moreover financially. This is because you may have to encounter hardships such as childcare and elder care accountabilities. Therefore, in order to make your relocating decision a successful move, we have made a list of certain tips that you should follow!

Tips to make your relocating decision successful:

  • Stay well-organized

Particularly, you get stressed when it comes to relocating to another city, state or a country altogether. Experts suggest that 70% of the relocation stress can be reduced by being well-organized beforehand. Keep a list of your to-do things handy both for your departure as well as arrival destinations, just to ensure that you stay away from getting bugged for petty issues. Afterall, managing logistics right from leaving your current location to moving to a completely new environment is stressful.

  • Ask your employer to provide you relocation help

If you get to know that your employer isn’t helping you relocate by offering you relocation assistance, ask for one. This is least that your company can do for you. You can begin by finding out costs related to transportation expenses, storage, rental housing, rental agreement, and quotation from professional packers and movers such as Abode Relocation, etc. Knowing these costs beforehand will help you give a better idea to your employer. Remember to confirm if your employer would reimburse these relocation expenses once you are settled in the new place.

  • Explore the new surroundings before you relocate

If you can take time to visit the new city and explore the same before finally relocating, it would definitely make a difference! This will help you in knowing your neighborhood to suit your lifestyle. If you cannot make time to visit the new place before you relocate, you can talk to your relatives or friends or a friend’s friend, who have visited or stayed in those localities. This will help you get a better perspective about the new surroundings you would soon be settling into. Find out the healthcare services, crime rate, cost of housing, climate, community involvement, child care, schools, transportation, etc.

  • Take time to understand the cost of living in the new place

It is important to know the cost of living for the new place you plan of moving into. Simply because, you are well-prepared with the finances and you know beforehand where and when to spend! 

  • Better not to make any long-term commitments

Renting an apartment is okay, but buying it outright immediately in the new city may have adverse results. What if you aren’t able to adjust in the new surroundings? What if there no better educational facilities around? What if you get another better paying job in another state or a country? Thus, it’s better to take a house on lease and then make an informed decision to buy a house.

  • Building a good social network

Talk to your relatives or friends to help you make new friends in the new location, especially if they have known people around. Your new employer may also offer you membership of a club. Nonetheless, you may join a fitness center or a social club to meet new people to get used to the new environment quickly. This will help you feel happy and vanish the feeling of being home-sick. Simply put, a happy employee is a more productive employee J

Bottom line

There’s an old saying, “You don’t have, since you don’t ask.” Now that you know the basic tips to make your job relocation a successful gig, be stress-free and embrace the new opportunity that life has in store for you.

How to negotiate your Rent

HOW TO NEGOTIATE YOUR RENT – Highlight your strengths as a tenant – Know when to negotiate

Rent. It’s just one of those things in life. You pay because you have to. But just because you’re under obligation to pay rent doesn’t mean you don’t get to have a say in what exactly the rate will be! When is the last time you wished you could negotiate your rent but didn’t know where to start? Well fear no more, because a whole host of information on how to negotiate in right here 

How to negotiate rent

Start out by doing your research. Find out what other buildings in your neighbourhood are charging for situations similar to yours. Not only will this back you up by giving you numbers to work with, but it will also give you a lot more confidence going in, knowing that what you’re asking for is reasonable.

Highlight your strengths as a tenant

If you’re looking for a new place, you can show you’re financially stable by offering the landlord a few concessions, such as paying a few months of rent in advance or signing on for a longer lease which saves the landlord money in turnover.

In the case of a rent increase, you should remind the landlord what a reliable, responsible tenant you’ve been. If you’ve always paid your rent on time, are courteous to other tenants and have kept the property in good shape, make sure your landlord knows it. It can help prove your worthiness and give them an incentive to keep your current rent.

Rent negotiation: Offer something in return

What does your landlord really want? Money, of course. But dig deeper and you’ll find there’s a lot more you can offer. The goal is to give them something you don’t care about in exchange for something you do.

Here are a few things many landlords will happily lower rents for:

  • Longer Lease 
  • Lock in Period
  • Extended Notice period 30 days to 60 days or 90 days 
  • Increase the Deposit amount 

If you know what you want and you know what they want, the chances of succeeding in your negotiation increase significantly.

Rent negotiation: Know when to negotiate

Regardless of how badly you want to get your rent rate lowered or receive more value for what you’re paying, timing and situation are some of the most important keys in a successful negotiation. If you don’t time it right, you won’t get it right. So here are some of the best times to negotiate your rent:

  • At the end of the month when the pressure is on for landlords to find tenants, if you’re looking for a new place.
  • A few months before your lease expires, if you’re negotiating on your current place.
  • When you know you can stay longer. Many landlords are willing to negotiate if they know they won’t have to look for another tenant (Considering the brokerage they have to pay for new renter) in the next 12 or 24 or 36 months.
  • During Monsoon, if you’re looking for a new place. This is the most difficult season for landlords to find renters, and you’ll hold more of the bargaining power.

Have a backup plan

If you’re looking for a new place, you should have more than one apartment or house on your radar. Banking on a landlord decreasing rent prices can be risky, especially if you have a set date.

If you’re facing a rent increase, you have to decide if you’d be willing to pay the higher rate just in case negotiations don’t go as planned. If you are definitely unwilling or unable to accept the new rate, it’s a good idea to start searching new apartments at least a month before your notice period.

When it comes down to negotiating your rent, there’s really only one rule: Keep the humanity. Remember, your landlord is a real, live person too. Keeping this at the forefront of your mind will help you create a much more effective plan, help you come up with ways your plan can benefit your landlord, and give you a greater sense of purpose and confidence going into your conversations. Whether or not you get exactly what you went in for is less relevant than keeping your self-respect.