5 emotions Employees experience during Relocation


Relocating to a new city to pursue another start for your career can be nostalgic as well as a bittersweet phase. You may be glad enough that you have this promising and fresh opportunity ahead in your career, but at the same time it’s also unfamiliar and scary. While you may struggle with several emotions such as sadness, exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, fear, stress and depression to leave your current colleagues and hometown behind, relocation may also take a toll physically on your health. This two minute read will let you experience what employees go through during a relocation phase while switching from one job to another.

5 roller-coaster emotions during an Employee relocation

Employee relocation is an emotional rollercoaster with tons of emotions attached. A plethora of questions start building up, the moment you get to know of relocating to another city. Reactions to relocation however may vary from one person to another, as well as adjustment to move occur along a broad continuum. While few make the transition smoothly, there are others who find that this change of relocation can be a stressful event. There are some individuals who even experience severe agony may pursue psychological counseling, though their reactions are not essentially abnormal.

Let’s find out 5 common emotions that you may experience if you are relocating due to employment:

  1. Stress

Transiting or relocating to a new location can be stressful especially when there is an anxiety about your spouse’s career or concerns about giving your kid’s a quality education. This all leads to stress during the relocation. Relocating to another city for employment is one of the most difficult decisions that you take. After all, these momentous occasions of leaving your current co-workers behind and moving out of your comfort zone to explore new avenues may give you jitters. 

  • Social anxiety

When you relocate to another location for purpose of employment, you may be worried considering the social as well as cultural amenities, real estate market as well as the crime rate of the new city. Even if one of these factors come out to be substandard, there are chances that you as a highly regarded employee may turn a highly unproductive employee, due to social anxieties.

  • Fear

Change is never easy yet it’s inevitable and the only constant thing in this universe. New opportunities in the new city may scare you. But at the same time, doubting your decision to relocate will only lead to undue anxiety and stress. This will result in nothing but setting you back. Therefore, expert’s advice to take relocation with a pinch of salt and create new memories, achieve new success and move forward, certainly not looking back.

  • Physical toll on health

Relocation involves a new macrocosm since it’s simply not moving to a new city with your packed bags. After all, there is a drastic change that is taking place in your culture and overall lifestyle. Given the variety of reactions to relocate, it may be beneficial to describe relocation as a traumatic, or crisis event. Very often, it involves physical symptoms like headache and fatigue.

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  • Mobility syndrome

Relocation is often particularly difficult for those families who are needed to move since one spouse’s career demands for the same. Often the “choice” for pulling up one’s roots and moving to another location forceful since the decision to prosper or to continue in one’s career may hinge on to relocating. From an emotional perspective, relocating is said to be a complex event.           There are a couple of factors that you need to consider that includes your characteristic way of observing and managing stressful events as well as how you will typically cope up with loss and separation. 

Abode Relocation Service Providers were essentially created to proactively help employees as well as their families to better shift into their new homes in a new city, and to offer them the mental as well as emotional support they need during this time.

This will save your valuable time and energy that you can otherwise utilize it being productive somewhere else. 

While you may necessarily not suffer only negative emotions while relocating, there are chances that you may experience positive emotions too. Simply put, ‘after a dark night, comes a brighter and shiny day’!

  • Relief

You may be eagerly awaiting a chance to construct your game plan for new avenues in your career. You may have got over the feeling of sadness and therefore can make room for positive feelings to achieve success and prosperity in your new role.

  • Acceptance

Post getting over the emotional turmoil, you may start accepting your decision to move on in life, realizing that’s the best you can do for having a great future. You may therefore start appreciating the new role and therefore play a pivotal role in shaping your career. 

  • Determination

Feelings of elation may start seeping in and you may begin to finally embrace the new city and its culture. Now, that there is no room left for fear, anxiety, stress, health issues and mobility syndrome, you’ll feel more motivated and determined to kick-start your career to achieve your dreams and get paid handsomely.  

Bottom line

Though closely all employees will find relocation marginally stressful and will experience some stress related symptoms like exhaustion, emotional reactivity and irritability, there would be some of them who will find ways to establish security as well as meaning in their new location within a reasonable time and thus will suffer relatively less turmoil. With the help of professional Relocation Service Provider’s, you can be rest assured to not having to run pillar to post for buying items required for loading, unloading and packingof your goods.