Sharing is Caring - The Importance of Giving


The common saying “Sharing is Caring – The Importance of Giving” is prevalent across the world, and this small term has immense meaning. It says if you share something with the person, it means you care for the person.  Abode Relocation understands that relocating is not an easy nut to crack. We assist our client in relocating with ease and provide them with some of the donations also. Donating things is not only suitable for the charities themselves but can also be deeply rewarding. Millions of people annually donate money to help the charities they believe in and for the right impact it has on their own lives. We are also one of them who are donating things and bringing smiles on people’s faces.

And, how is charitable spending gratifying? We took a closer look at five reasons for contributing to your favourite charities.

The essence of goodnessDonating to charities is a significant attitude booster. The idea you are helping people is incredibly rewarding and can, in effect, make you feel happy and fulfilled. Research has found a correlation between making a gift to a charity and the brain-related behaviour that detects satisfaction-showing that as the adage says, donating is much better than getting.

Strengthens personal values– In our study, why we donate, the most widely-given justification to contribute to charity was a sense of moral conscience. Whatever kind of charitable work they were doing, 96 percent said they believed they had a social obligation to use what they had to benefit people, a belief that was entirely rooted in their ideas and ideals. 

Spreading love– In a world where everything is a target of materialism, everybody yearns for love. It’s an emotion the world is desperately lacking in today. Charity is an excellent means of showing that passion still exists. This gives us hope that they already have dignity.

Socialization– You can come across like-minded individuals when you donate to charities and support non-profit organizations. Not only can it help attract more friends, but it also calls for the creation of larger communities that can support the poor and advocate for issues like hunger and cancer.

Teaches the importance of giving– It’s a valuable life lesson to encourage kids to think about others. We grow up realizing that giving back is the best thing to do and follow in your footsteps, as children watch you share. So giving to charity always allows you to be a role example for your children.

Abode Relocation is not only limited to profit-making but also specializes in taking care of the residents and the world as a whole. With the primary aim of “Giving and Care,” we carry out a wide variety of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programs in various fields to encourage equity, awareness, and patience across different parts of society while ensuring dignity. In an attempt to bring happiness to the masses, every year, we make a concerted effort to provide our clients with clothes, utensils, bed sheets, shoes, sporting goods, toys, blankets furniture, electrical appliances (washing machine, laptop, Mobile, computer etc.) and other valuable things through our cooperation with several governments and private organizations like ‘Bigger than life’, ‘Bal Asha Trust’, ‘Angel Xpress Foundation’ and others. We are still working tirelessly to raise awareness of many critical but controversial topics such as child labour, inequality, and protection of the environment, thereby fostering a harmonious and satisfying culture. Such contributions to the advancement of humanity undoubtedly, in a real sense, leave us completely happy and inspire us to work further to be able to serve humanity to the best of our ability. 

Sharing is Caring – The Importance of Giving

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