Moving along with your furry babies needs careful planning thereby ensuring a smooth transition for the entire family. However, if you’ve haven’t ever moved with a pet before, you certainly may have a tons of questions such as how will you transport them to the new location? Do you plan opting for a pet transport facility? How many stops you might need to take to make your pet comfortable? Whether you are moving to a new location for business purposes or moving to a new home, your four-legged family members certainly can’t be ignored. It might be a stressful time moving along with your pets, therefore, we have made a list of some important tips that will help ensure relocating with your furry babies, stress-free and a hassle-free journey!

  • Monitor Your Pet’s Behavior

Your pet might exhibit unusual behavior, the moment you start packing. They may run around, cry unusually and feel uneasy. You can easily understand such feelings from your pet’s reactions. You should therefore monitor their behavior thoroughly and spend quality time with them for making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Take Care of your pet’s belongings

Do not thrash any old belongings of your pet when you begin packing and moving. Remember that your pet will feel home with his old plates, feeder bowls and mattress around in the new place. Ensure you pack your pet’s kennel, toy’s and dry food items, medicines, etc. 

  • Do not neglect them

Just like kids, pets too need special care and attention. Therefore, it is important to plan your packing chores in such a way that your pet doesn’t feel deprived of your company. Your pet may feel unusual in case of your neglecting behavior. 

  • Health Issues

Before moving your pet to your new home, it is recommended to make a visit to your veterinarian that you have been visiting all this while. Ask the Vet to carry out a complete health check-up of your four-legged family member before moving to a new location. It is vital to keep all the medical records, vaccination history and other useful certificates in place since you may need them at the new place.

  • Hire a Pet-moving service

Yes, ask your packers and movers if they offer pet-moving services.  They make things a lot easier and comfortable for your pets. Professionals such as Abode Relocation offer a professional pet service

  • Make your pet’s journey comfortable

You can make your pet’s trip to your new home comfortable and stress-free by carrying all important accessories which you may need for your pet whilst traveling to the new location. Ensure to take good care of packing food as well as water thereby restricting to buy these things on the way. The idea behind taking all these steps is to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your dog to refrain any anxiety of relocating to a new environment.

  • Stick to the Routine

We completely understand that packing and un-packing is stressful, so is for your pet. Therefore, without getting worked-up it is beneficial that you get back to the routine such as walking your dog, playing with him, bathing him, etc. Everything for your pet may be new, except your warmth and affection.

  • Search for a good Veterinarian in your new area

Finding a good and reliable veterinarian at the new place should be foremost on your mind before you plan moving to a new place with your pet. Check with your neighbors or simply look for a reliable option on the internet.


Moving to a new place can prove disturbing both for your kids as well as pets. Therefore, your love and affection can help them get over the moving anxiety and other related uneasiness. Therefore, ensure that you take good care to help them adapt to the new surroundings as faster as possible. You will soon find your furry friend lively and playful as the stress of relocating starts fading out.

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