Currently, the whole world is suffering from an epidemic disease COVID-19 and because of this severe infectious disease; people have started work from home. The corporate sector and businesses are shifting from in-house to the houses, and in that case, people may or may not require having the technological equipment at home. If you need to move your technical equipment from your workplace to home, Abode Relocation is at your service. Because of the outbreak of COVID-19 all over the world, there arises a need for business continuity planning. Business Continuity Planning is a process to protect not only the personnel essential but also the business assets while allowing it to function rapidly in any time of crisis scenario.

The steps must be followed to develop a robust BCP include-

  • Business Impact Analysis: The time-sensitive business will identify functions and related resources.
  • Recovery: Here, the company has to identify and implement new steps to recover critical services.
  • Organizations: A team is to be created to devise a plan to manage the disruption.

All businesses require an up-to-date BCP to protect the IT systems from a disaster. A BCP is needed to minimize your exposure from an IT Relocation disaster.

Here are the steps to give shield to your IT Relocation against the unfavourable situations

  • Stock of both hardware and applications, computers, computing and networking equipment
  • Planning to switch phone lines, numbers, internet connection, migration of data and transferring the servers
  • Listing all the business priorities and data classified according to business criticality
  • Creating an Emergency contact list including IT and Telecoms Vendor Technicians, IT and Telecoms company and all Internet IT team members
  • Making backup copies of all the essential data of firewalls and servers
  • Arranging the backup copies at an off-site secure data centre to be not affected by the office relocation

One part of a BC strategy is Market Impact Assessment (BIA) A BIA describes the effect, typically quantified at a rate, of a sudden loss of business functions. Having a review also lets you decide whether you can outsource non-fire operations in the BC program, which may be combined with the risks involved. The BIA essentially helps you look at your entire organization’s processes and determine which are most important.

What is Abode Relocation doing in this crucial time?

We are the best and renowned entity for relocation services. Whatever the type of stuff is we are always there to help you out. As the situation of the world is devastating, their people are shifting their businesses at their homes. Abode Relocation is helping the people who are relocating their businesses. We are safeguarding your IT relocation against the unexpected. Abode Relocation strives to provide its clients with the top-notch business continuity plans as these plans are time-consuming to execute & entail a lot of high-level information preparation and might not have the capacity to complete the in-house IT team. We are here to help you out.Reach to us for any IT relocation!

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