Common Moving Mistakes You Can’t afford to commit!



‘The packers and movers Company that I hired didn’t arrive in time and hence I suffered a substantial loss.’ 

‘The relocation service provider also charged me a very high fee as compared to what was stated in the agreement’. 

‘I got a bad back-ache with horrible experiences when I tried to save bucks by shifting the household items myself’. 

You might have either experienced the above or heard your friends or relatives complaining about these issues. To make your relocating experience seamless and hassle-free, we have listed out some of the common moving mistakes you can’t afford to commit.

#Mistake – 1

Not scheduling your move

So, there exists a troop of people who take moving or relocating quite an easy task. They think they can simply go with the flow since packing and moving is a cakewalk. This overconfidence may lead to last minute packing and stuffing things in boxes with absolutely little or no sense of organization, making your move a very unpleasant one.

What can you do instead: Make a proper schedule, prior to starting the packing activity. Jot down the schedule of packing and moving your household items. Begin at least 3 weeks early from your actual moving day for giving yourself plenty of time. Organize the storage areas first, since they seem to be the trickiest things when it comes to packing. Then proceed room-by-room for keeping the process organized.

#Mistake – 2

You are a proud Treasure Collector

It’s years and years that you’ve been collecting trove of kitchen tools, clothing, books, magazines, etc. People won’t ever call you a minimalist. So why would you wish to move such cluttered stuff back to your new home?

What can you do instead: Before you initiate packing it is essential that you spend a few days identifying things that you don’t use or probably won’t be using in your new home. Get RID of them right away! Yeah, this will help you get some mental peace. Not only that, you will also save your bucks by packing and unpacking these stuff by hiring a packers and movers company. To keep fond memories, you make click snaps of the items you should trash but don’t feel like doing so! 

#Mistake – 3

You didn’t carry a thorough research on the packers and movers company you just hired

There are tons of moving companiesavailable these days, however not all of them are reliable and professional. Do not just go for the first Company that comes on your search engine while carrying out the research. Check the rate sheet thoroughly and compare the same with their services offered.

What can you do instead: Some of the best Movers and Packers such as Abode Relocation are the finest options when it comes to reliability, punctuality and the rest all follows! Therefore, Google that perfect movers and packers that will make your relocating experience a hassle-free one! You may also read reviews, compare rates and services offered by different packers and moversbefore taking a final call. 

#Mistake – 4

You act strong and smart and DIY your move when you know you need Professional help

Relocating isn’t an easy task. It may wreck your nerves away and give you a bad body pain. Sometimes, the pain is aggravates and you may need to see a doctor and be on medications. You may take your friends help and will thus be labor intensive. We understand that hiring professional packers and movers isn’t cheap, however it’s almost worth it always. 

What can you do insteadBe honest enough with yourself for the move is going to entail as well as the time and effort you will be willing to put into it. A DIY move is perfectly fine when you don’t have much stuff to relocate. However, if you have a truck full of belongings, hire a professional movers and packers!


You relocating to a new home doesn’t really have to be a drag. You can be prepared ahead of time by simply taking measures to evade common moving mistakes. This will certainly help you in setting yourself up for a suggestively easier process. Surprises may yet occur, however, at least you know that you’ve majorly got your basics covered. Therefore all you need to do is plan, plan and only plan!  If you wish to find a new place to call it home sweet home, contact Abode Relocation to get houses on rent today Their experience and the quality of service will certainly make your move as easy as a pie. Get a free quote by calling at 868 999 8800 and learn more about their services.

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