Real estate investment is the acquisition of a future income stream from the property, which can provide many advantages over other forms of investment, including potentially higher returns, stability, and inflation hedging which diversification. Real estate is an asset that does not experience depreciation even under severe conditions of the economy. India has projected annual growth ranges from 3 to 10 per cent, and this is a significant amount, and the country’s current global position factorizes most of this. 

Have you ever wondered how the rich manage to make their wealth grow easy? Do you think you would take a comfortable retirement when the time comes? More specifically maybe; are you aware that you should invest, but do not know where to start?

To increase foreign investment, the rules have also been updated to allow NRIs to pour into foreign funds for real estate transactions. If you are looking for reliable, documented and logical data points to help you make the decision, this one is for you. If you have planned to invest in real estate and don’t know where to start, Abode Relocation is at your service.

Tax Advantages via depreciation

Taxes are one of the highest costs for anybody. There are nevertheless ways of mitigating the loss of revenue in real estate taxes. Rental homes, vacant land, office buildings, apartments, industrial property, shopping centres and warehouses all offer their tax incentive variety.

Cash Flow

Maybe everybody’s benefit, cash flow is virtually income. After you collect the rent and pay the mortgage, taxes, insurance and any maintenance, cash flow is what is leftover.

Fence to inflation

Inflation is characterized as a continuing increase in the general level of goods and services prices. In other words, it allows each dollar you own to buy, over time, a smaller percentage of a good or service. For example, stocks need more money to buy, as inflation rises. Inflation ultimately hinders the money from moving as far as it should have.

In comparison, real estate serves as a buffer against inflation. Unlike virtually every other form of investment, real estate reacts concerning increase. So do rents and home prices as inflation rise.

Generate passive income

Investing in the immovable property either in its embryonic phase or after it is built often opens the way for passive income. Based on the nature of the provision, you can either rent or lease the property and get constant incremental cash inflow, and the best thing is, all of it is tax-free. Aggressive borrowers, make use of a small sum of capital to compensate for the initial down payment and then use the income generated to clear their debts to the lending institutions.

Secured retirement

Worried about inflation and what would the cost of living be after you retire? Fret, not, would only increase its market value for investing in real estate now. With an investment in real estate in your portfolio, your retirement would at least be smooth; if the price is right, you could always let go of a property and make your world tour vision come true.

Acquainted with the advantage? Choose Abode Relocation to know what type of land to buy and what profit your purchased land can give. We have a proven record of assisting people in real estate and settling them.  Get up to us for a short chat on the next investment opportunity in real estate and our guys will be delighted to steer you in the right direction.


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