As a mobility professional with a lump sum program, perhaps the greatest test is making a single amount program that fits all sizes. The main five practices portrayed here will assist you with making a single amount program that is reasonable for your organization and still offers some degree of customization preferred by moving representatives.

In the realm of movement, there is no lack of choices to be made. Perhaps the greatest choice is the manner by which to make a pragmatic and engaging movement benefits program and which philosophies to utilize. Single amount programs offer organizations an approach to convey fluctuating degrees of help to a transferee while additionally limiting authoritative needs. A single amount is a money given to the representative to cover all or a bit of migration benefits that would somehow or another be conveyed legitimately to the employee. Frequently, singular amount programs are seen as a choice to full-support movement programs offered through suppliers. In any case, it is imperative to take note of that inside the universe of single amount there are numerous varieties and choices that can help organizations in making an increasingly reasonable, adjustable singular amount program. This incorporates consolidating migration programs by means of a supplier with a singular amount to cover various parts of a move. All in all, with all the alternatives accessible, how would you make a singular amount program that works for your organization and your transferees?

Here are top 5 best practices for a successful lump sum program.


When starting to work out a singular amount benefits program, it is significant to ensure you answer key inquiries. Doing this will guarantee you have secured your bases and will lead you to settle on the best strategy choices for all partners associated with a given movement.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • When will we deliver the funds to the transferee-before, during, or after the move?
  • Is the lump sum amount enough to cover all of the expenses? If not, what expenses will the company cover? What expenses will be the responsibility of the employee?
  • What is the employee’s compensation plan or salary level?
  • How long has the employee been with the company?
  • How many family members will also be moving?
  • Is the employee a homeowner or a renter? Will they need to sell their home?
  • Will the employee need temporary housing or storage? If so, for how long?
  • What is the distance of the move?
  • Are they moving to a costly area?


Organization culture is a significant concentration for the present organizations. Top ability is focused around finding an organization the two of them can relate to and feel pleased to work for. Considerably after talent  is acquired, holding talent can be affected by how predictable and devoted an organization is to its way of life and qualities. With regards to single amount advantages and its details, we support those responsible for their organization’s movement program to assess it through a monetary focal point as well as through a social one.

With regards to singular amount advantages and friends culture, be certain that your strategies coordinate with your way of life. In the event that your firm advances fairness across status levels, do you spread all worker moves the equivalent over all degrees of the organization? Does your association need to put an accentuation on headway and offer increasingly secured things for progressively senior ability therefore? Furthermore, the area and socioeconomics of your representatives are significant as it might impact what sorts of things should be moved, On the off chance that huge numbers of your representatives have enormous families and your organization is family-driven, you may need to incorporate assets to cover the requirements of the kids during the migration. These are the kinds of conversations and contemplations that ought to be needed to guarantee the advantages offered are in accordance with the organization’s way of life. 

For more on how corporate relocation programs influence culture, please visit,  What Does Your Relocation Program Say About Your organisation culture?


As referenced above, single amount benefits accompany an assortment of alternatives and methodologies. Probably the greatest differentiator among singular amount package is which sort of advantage an organization decides to offer. The following are the four primary sorts of single amount benefits:

  1. Self Service: The singular amount is given to the worker in lieu everything being equal and administrations. The transferee facilitates their own turn and administrations. 
  2. Limited Support or Managed Lump Sum: The transferee is given a singular amount alongside help and direction on the best way to amplify the single amount through a Relocation Provider. Backing can be given through a migration instructor or through an innovation entryway. 
  3. Core Benefits: The business assigns certain centre migration advantages to be secured by a singular amount and may offer extra help by means of a movement supplier. The singular amount is then furnished to help with these assigned centre movement benefits that would have ordinarily been given through repayment. 
  4. Flex Benefits: A singular amount can likewise be utilized to accommodate extra administrations that may fall outside of an organization’s run of the mill centre advantages. These advantages are known as, “Flex Benefits” as they give adaptability to a given movement program. Flex Benefits may include: 
  1. Family Support
    1. Spouse Support
    1. Additional Home Finding Trip
    1. Return Trip Back to Origin
    1. Pet Shipment
    1. Additional Temporary Living


Since singular amount benefits are money offered legitimately to the representative, it is pivotal to decide and obviously outline what the instalment is expected to cover and how your firm will guarantee the worker applies the assets effectively. Most regularly, singular amount benefits are utilized to cover things like impermanent lodging, family merchandise shipments, house chasing outings, visa and migration costs, charges, and social preparing. Make certain to plot plainly what the singular amount is expected to cover and whether your organization will expect receipts to check where the representative spent their single amount reserves.


As with picking benefits type, choosing the correct estimation technique for your single amount program is critical to its prosperity. Which estimation technique is directly for your organization relies upon numerous elements, for example, the quantity of movements, the quantity of potential urban areas included, organization culture elements, and how significant cost consistency is to your firm.

  1. Organization Determined: This is the place the organization sets a cost dependent on the expenses for the services they are happy to cover.
  2. Area: Based either on the representative’s starting point area or Location, it is a flat amount set by the company for each location.
  3. Flat compensation Globally: Regardless of distance or location, employees receive the same lump sum amount to cover their moves.
  4. Distance: The lump sum benefit is determined based on a set amount for the distance of the employee’s move, usually by applying a fixed amount per KM.
  5. Software Application: Some firms opt to use software application to decide the lump sum amount for some or all of the total benefits provided. Data for the employee’s move such as distance in KM and the number of family members being moved is entered into a program that then computes the lump sum amount.

Regardless of whether your association utilizes single amount solely or in blend with a full-administration migration program, be certain that you are following these 5 prescribed procedures. By posing the correct inquiries, guaranteeing social arrangement, picking the correct kind of singular amount advantage, being clear about the sum’s allotment, and choosing your computation procedure, your single amount benefits program will work for all your company’s partners while being functional and practical. To learn more about lump sum reimbursement drop us a mail


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