How to find a job for your partner after relocating to a new place?


There are times wherein you might have to relocate to a new city, state, or even to another country due to your job, new opportunities, or any other professional or personal reasons. Relocating to a new place can be stressful as you have to find a new home and get yourself acquainted to that place in a short time. Also, if you are married, then your spouse will also relocate with you. 

What if your partner doesn’t have a job nor their office has a branch in your newly moved place? It will be difficult to leave a job and don’t have another in the relocated place.

During the period of your relocation, your partner might feel alone or left behind in the new place. And you will also agree that it is difficult to find a new job in a new location of which you don’t have much information in a short span. Here, you can help your partner flourish during this transition by helping them to find a job. 

Following are the things that could be done to help your partner find a new job.

Leverage Network

As soon as you both relocate to the new place, you can start networking and building rapport with the new faces immediately. You can introduce to your colleagues or call a few of them over dinner, where you introduce your partner and ask if they know someone who can help in getting a job. Introduce them to your friends and neighbors to your partner with whom they can connect. Also, networking through the various social media channel will help your partner build up new connections. There are high chances that this web of connections will help your partner garnered some important information during the job search process.

Revamp your partner’s resume

The resume says a lot about one’s professional journey. It is the face that will decide whether the person should be called for an interview or not. Hence, it is imperative to look at the resume. Look if there’s a need to give your partner’s resume a makeover. Moreover, if your partner is willing to switch to a new job role irrelevant to his or her prior experience, then a good overhaul is a must.

Connect your partner with a job consulting agency

There are certain agencies or consulting firms who help people find the job as per their qualifications and previous experience. You can introduce your partner to such agencies who can assist in the job-hunting process and relieve the stress of finding one.

Know more about the new market place  

Whether you are moving to a new city, state or country altogether, the culture of people will vary from one region to another. Connecting with an agency will help your partner as these agencies provide insight into the employer’s expectations and help adjust to the new role.

Let your partner get some volunteer experience

There are rare instances in which case people get a new job in a new place immediately. One can opt for any volunteering position in the preferred industry or with the NGO. As this volunteering will also help you build your network. Moreover, the culture, people and work system. Connecting with people of the local industry will help in discovering job opportunities.

The truth is that relocating to a new place itself is difficult. Finding a job over and above the hassle that one goes through while moving to a new home is nothing less than an arduous task. Help your partner in finding a new job by taking assistance from friends, network connections, agencies, end-to-end relocating service providers. Support and correct approach can help both you and your partner find the right job. Also, these efforts will be ripe sweet fruits of success for you and your partner.

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How to find a school for your kids in a new place?


Moving to a new place can be exciting. But the task of packing and unpacking is itself stressful. And, moving when you have kids is an arduous task. 

It’s just not moving with them that makes complicated but also finding the right school and education system for them. It is challenging to find the best education for your child in a new place. Moreover, it becomes a state of a puzzle for the parents, especially when there are several options available. 

You, as a parent, wish to provide your child with the finest education, which can uplift their child’s growth and career.  

And, this article intends to make finding the school for your kids in the new place easier by listing some simple steps.

Set your expectations

While searching for a new school, parents will come across several options, but it is vital to know the child’s needs and which environment will be the best fit for him or her. 

Decide whether you want to enroll your child to a public or private school. Whether State board, CBSE or ICSE board is suitable for them. Or check if their current school has a branch in the new location you are moving. Also, see what facilities and other activities, sports, extra-curriculum or programs are provided by them that will help regain the confidence of your child. Also, do not overlook to consider the fact whether your child would be comfortable to adapt to the neighborhood school as the distance from home is also a matter of concern. 

Take complete advantage of social media

In today’s digital era, where social media is the fastest and easiest communication media, one can acquire tons of information through these channels. Parents can easily browse and find details regarding the schools in the vicinity of your new place. Leverage social media as it one of the best ways to make friends who can assist you in your process of finding the school for your kid. 

Analyze the reviews of different schools

Ones you know what you want; you can go through the reviews of the schools you have shortlisted and then filter the options accordingly. Also, analyzing the reviews will help you to gain knowledge of distinct quality about the school which you might have skipped upon while carrying your bit of research. 

Take help from the relocating service providers

When you as a parent relocate to a new place, you may find yourself entirely clueless as which school is best for your kids. 

Why not take help from the relocating service providers? 

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Tips to Save Money While Relocating to Another Place


Here are few tips to save money while relocating to another place.

Relocating to a new location is often an exciting thing. However, it can be tiring and exhausting at the same time as packing and unpacking take a lot of time and energy. Not just that, often shifting your belongings from your current home to a new place can cost you a lot of money. 

And, when you are on a tight budget, it just makes relocating more stressful. But, a handful of tricks, tips, and strategies can make relocating easier, cheaper and better. In this article, you will find some of the simple tips to save money while relocating to another place.

  • Negotiate with the broker    

When relocating, chances are you will be contacting different brokers to assist you in finding the right place to stay. When you find one, you are required to pay the deposit amount, one month or often three months’ rent amount in advance, and the broker’s commission. You can negotiate with the broker on the commission aspect and also, on the monthly rent and amount to be deposited. This will help to save a few extra bucks that you might have to pay.

  • Take help

Take help from friends, relatives, and neighbours to help you with some packing. Do not hesitate to take assistance from friends, as many hands can make the task simpler, faster, and less expensive. Ask help and suggestions, from your friends or relatives who have recently moved to a new place, which will significantly help you to make a better decision while moving. 

  • Understand how movers work 

Take some time out to compare the rates and services of the various movers. Evaluate them and find out the best option for your situation. Saving on time to relocate is ultimately saving on money. To smoothen the relocating process, seek advice and assistance from the relocation service providers. Also, check the reviews of the movers before going ahead with one. Not always the expensive ones are the best. 

  • Look for an end-to-end solution provider

Instead of opting for a single service provider, for instance, packing or transporting company, go for an end-to-end relocation service company. The one which offers all the facilities from an end-to-end moving process, the trucks, moving big pieces, packing and unpacking, or unloading boxes as this will significantly lower the overall moving cost. Because then you don’t have to run behind different organisation for different things. Moreover, if you don’t want all the service options, you can opt only for the services that you want to choose, which will save time and money.  Plus, save you time and money when you set a price for multiple services from a single provider or opt for a comprehensive service. Negotiating with one company is better than multiple different service providers. 

  • Avoid moving season

Although this is not under your control, avoid moving during the peak season as much as possible. As relocating during the off-season will not only save on your expenses but will be quicker as well. Also, moving while the demand is lower will help you get a better rate from the movers and real estate people. 


Relocating would never be easy. But negotiating with your broker, taking assistance from friends, and seeking a reliable end-to-end relocating service provider like Abode Relocation who also provides post-sales services when needed, will help you stick to your budget, make relocating easier, and hassle-free.Happy Moving!!