Common Moving Mistakes You Can’t afford to commit!



‘The packers and movers Company that I hired didn’t arrive in time and hence I suffered a substantial loss.’ 

‘The relocation service provider also charged me a very high fee as compared to what was stated in the agreement’. 

‘I got a bad back-ache with horrible experiences when I tried to save bucks by shifting the household items myself’. 

You might have either experienced the above or heard your friends or relatives complaining about these issues. To make your relocating experience seamless and hassle-free, we have listed out some of the common moving mistakes you can’t afford to commit.

#Mistake – 1

Not scheduling your move

So, there exists a troop of people who take moving or relocating quite an easy task. They think they can simply go with the flow since packing and moving is a cakewalk. This overconfidence may lead to last minute packing and stuffing things in boxes with absolutely little or no sense of organization, making your move a very unpleasant one.

What can you do instead: Make a proper schedule, prior to starting the packing activity. Jot down the schedule of packing and moving your household items. Begin at least 3 weeks early from your actual moving day for giving yourself plenty of time. Organize the storage areas first, since they seem to be the trickiest things when it comes to packing. Then proceed room-by-room for keeping the process organized.

#Mistake – 2

You are a proud Treasure Collector

It’s years and years that you’ve been collecting trove of kitchen tools, clothing, books, magazines, etc. People won’t ever call you a minimalist. So why would you wish to move such cluttered stuff back to your new home?

What can you do instead: Before you initiate packing it is essential that you spend a few days identifying things that you don’t use or probably won’t be using in your new home. Get RID of them right away! Yeah, this will help you get some mental peace. Not only that, you will also save your bucks by packing and unpacking these stuff by hiring a packers and movers company. To keep fond memories, you make click snaps of the items you should trash but don’t feel like doing so! 

#Mistake – 3

You didn’t carry a thorough research on the packers and movers company you just hired

There are tons of moving companiesavailable these days, however not all of them are reliable and professional. Do not just go for the first Company that comes on your search engine while carrying out the research. Check the rate sheet thoroughly and compare the same with their services offered.

What can you do instead: Some of the best Movers and Packers such as Abode Relocation are the finest options when it comes to reliability, punctuality and the rest all follows! Therefore, Google that perfect movers and packers that will make your relocating experience a hassle-free one! You may also read reviews, compare rates and services offered by different packers and moversbefore taking a final call. 

#Mistake – 4

You act strong and smart and DIY your move when you know you need Professional help

Relocating isn’t an easy task. It may wreck your nerves away and give you a bad body pain. Sometimes, the pain is aggravates and you may need to see a doctor and be on medications. You may take your friends help and will thus be labor intensive. We understand that hiring professional packers and movers isn’t cheap, however it’s almost worth it always. 

What can you do insteadBe honest enough with yourself for the move is going to entail as well as the time and effort you will be willing to put into it. A DIY move is perfectly fine when you don’t have much stuff to relocate. However, if you have a truck full of belongings, hire a professional movers and packers!


You relocating to a new home doesn’t really have to be a drag. You can be prepared ahead of time by simply taking measures to evade common moving mistakes. This will certainly help you in setting yourself up for a suggestively easier process. Surprises may yet occur, however, at least you know that you’ve majorly got your basics covered. Therefore all you need to do is plan, plan and only plan!  If you wish to find a new place to call it home sweet home, contact Abode Relocation to get houses on rent today Their experience and the quality of service will certainly make your move as easy as a pie. Get a free quote by calling at 868 999 8800 and learn more about their services.



Moving along with your furry babies needs careful planning thereby ensuring a smooth transition for the entire family. However, if you’ve haven’t ever moved with a pet before, you certainly may have a tons of questions such as how will you transport them to the new location? Do you plan opting for a pet transport facility? How many stops you might need to take to make your pet comfortable? Whether you are moving to a new location for business purposes or moving to a new home, your four-legged family members certainly can’t be ignored. It might be a stressful time moving along with your pets, therefore, we have made a list of some important tips that will help ensure relocating with your furry babies, stress-free and a hassle-free journey!

  • Monitor Your Pet’s Behavior

Your pet might exhibit unusual behavior, the moment you start packing. They may run around, cry unusually and feel uneasy. You can easily understand such feelings from your pet’s reactions. You should therefore monitor their behavior thoroughly and spend quality time with them for making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Take Care of your pet’s belongings

Do not thrash any old belongings of your pet when you begin packing and moving. Remember that your pet will feel home with his old plates, feeder bowls and mattress around in the new place. Ensure you pack your pet’s kennel, toy’s and dry food items, medicines, etc. 

  • Do not neglect them

Just like kids, pets too need special care and attention. Therefore, it is important to plan your packing chores in such a way that your pet doesn’t feel deprived of your company. Your pet may feel unusual in case of your neglecting behavior. 

  • Health Issues

Before moving your pet to your new home, it is recommended to make a visit to your veterinarian that you have been visiting all this while. Ask the Vet to carry out a complete health check-up of your four-legged family member before moving to a new location. It is vital to keep all the medical records, vaccination history and other useful certificates in place since you may need them at the new place.

  • Hire a Pet-moving service

Yes, ask your packers and movers if they offer pet-moving services.  They make things a lot easier and comfortable for your pets. Professionals such as Abode Relocation offer a professional pet service

  • Make your pet’s journey comfortable

You can make your pet’s trip to your new home comfortable and stress-free by carrying all important accessories which you may need for your pet whilst traveling to the new location. Ensure to take good care of packing food as well as water thereby restricting to buy these things on the way. The idea behind taking all these steps is to ensure a safe and comfortable trip for your dog to refrain any anxiety of relocating to a new environment.

  • Stick to the Routine

We completely understand that packing and un-packing is stressful, so is for your pet. Therefore, without getting worked-up it is beneficial that you get back to the routine such as walking your dog, playing with him, bathing him, etc. Everything for your pet may be new, except your warmth and affection.

  • Search for a good Veterinarian in your new area

Finding a good and reliable veterinarian at the new place should be foremost on your mind before you plan moving to a new place with your pet. Check with your neighbors or simply look for a reliable option on the internet.


Moving to a new place can prove disturbing both for your kids as well as pets. Therefore, your love and affection can help them get over the moving anxiety and other related uneasiness. Therefore, ensure that you take good care to help them adapt to the new surroundings as faster as possible. You will soon find your furry friend lively and playful as the stress of relocating starts fading out.



Congratulations! So, finally there’s another feather on your cap! Your brand new house! A new beginning to your life. However, it isn’t an easy move always to leave your old home and move to a new one, since you are attached with so many memories over the years. At the same time, it is also very exciting to move towards new prospects that your life offers to you. But, the burdensome process of packing and then finally moving and then again un-packing may snatch your excitement away. We have therefore made a very useful guide for important steps that would make your moving a lot easier and hassle-free.

  1. Make a list of TO-DO things

First things first, make a list of TO-DO things before you finally start packing and moving. This will make your move hassle-free and that too in an organized manner. Mentioned below are some of the things you can’t give a miss on: 

  • Prepare a list separately for the items that you wish to take along in the new house and those that you wish to sell it off.
  • Understand the type of packing supply that you need and the quantity for the same.
  • Research about the best packers and movers in your city that are punctual, reliable and at the same time offer warehousing solution for short-term and long-term if required. Simply put, go for those Packers and movers that are more than just moversthereby making your packing easier. The reviews on Abode Relocation are the best since they offer home/apartment moving services, commercial services, school assistance, disposal services, junk removal, pre and post-move services, sorting and organizing, rental as well as outright agreement registration, donating old clothes and toys, etc. 
  • If you are moving to another country, find out which packers and movers can help you relocate internationally.
  • Make a list of the vital arrangements for the moving day.
  • Preparations that you need to do carry on for your first day at your Home Sweet Home.
  • Research about your New Community

It is always good to know about the place where you are moving in. The recreation facilities, banks, nearby fuel stations, ATMs, health-care centers, restaurants, and marketplaces. If you are moving to a new country altogether, Google the culture, traditions, driving rules and road rules, to get a better understanding. It is essential to make arrangements for utilities such as gas, water, electricity, and telephone at your new place well in advance.

  • Packing and Unpacking Tips

To make your un-packing easier, it is good to pack the stuff which you may need during the trip to your new house on top. Ensure to buy medicines that you may need on the way or post reaching at the new place. Besides, it is recommended to keep the medical prescriptions handy for easy access. Once you fix a Packer and Mover Company, make sure to discuss about the transportation of pets, piano, plants and vehicles. Before you finally sign the agreement with the Packing and Moving Company, ensure to re-check the household inventory.

  • Clear pending dues, if any

Yes, the time has come to end your pending liabilities. All you need start bucking up is by informing all your utility service providers, such as water, electricity, telephone, mobile, cable as well as gas companies, banks and credit companies and clearing the pending dues, if any. You should also inform your colleagues, to ensure that the relieving formalities are done in a timely manner. Ensure that you inform your services providers, just a few days prior to moving to avoid missing out on the new mailers and couriers. 

Packing, moving and un-packing is a task. But, indeed following the aforementioned tips and opting for a good packing and moving company will help you not only for transportation, but also ensure safe loading and unloading of your packed items. Safe Moves!

4 Challenges Faced while Relocating for work


Job relocation isn’t merely for workers who are employed or those who get transferred to some other cities. Relocation also comes into picture when you’re looking for a job change, particularly if you’re facing difficulty to find one where you currently live. There are many who struggle by the idea of relocating; usually for good reasons. However, if you’re anticipating a move for your company or perhaps to find new employment, it is important that you know the pros and cons to relocate and then take a sound decision if moving is the best recourse.

Challenges faced while relocating for work

We have mentioned a couple of challenges that one might face while considering relocation for work:

  1. A real struggle that your spouse may face

You decided to relocate to another city for employment – Good decision indeed! But, what about your spouse? Will he/she get a job immediately in the new city? What if the same gets delayed by a month or two or even more than that? Won’t the finances strain? Besides, an emotional strain too on your beautiful relationship. Therefore, its best that your partner starts looking out for an opportunity well in advance, say at least 3 to 4 months prior to relocating.

  • Finding a good housing in an altogether unfamiliar location

If your Company isn’t sponsoring or helping you find a good housing society in the new city, you got to do all by your own! Finding a good housing in a totally unfamiliar location can be challenging. Therefore, finding good professional services such as Saathee Services by Abode Relocationwould be a cherry on cake. The Saathee Services offer you services ranging right from apartment renting to rental agreement and also helping you in sorting, organizing, packing as well as unpacking your stuff. Simply put, these end-to-end services would put your relocation worries at bay. 

  • Relocating can be expensive

If your company doesn’t offer coverage to help you move hassle-free in the new city, you will have to bear the expenses on your own. This can be challenging, since you will have to spend a lot for travelling, moving charges as well as setting up your own house. Nevertheless, one of the best Packers and Movers – Abode Relocation, can handle your relocation requirements from start to the end while making your move easy and hassle-free at pocket-friendly rates. 

  • Usually moving household items doesn’t go well

Relocation needs employees as well as their families to pack their possessions and move across another city, state or country—the farther the destination, higher are the chances of a potential risk for added complications. Your belongings may get damaged, misplaced, lost, or even arrive late. A company thus making the employee manage their household stuff move may meet more problems, hidden expenses as well as unexpected delays. A competitive company will however work with a professional relocation partner that can connect their employees with a good network of quality moving suppliers and therefore can help them escalate issues when things go wrong. 

Tips for a Successful Job Relocation


It’s not rare for job seekers to move for their dream job. Moreover, conditions such as lack of local employment openings, hard economic times as well as industry consolidation can push you to rethink where you earn your living. In today’s complex world, relocation can hit you hard professionally, emotionally and moreover financially. This is because you may have to encounter hardships such as childcare and elder care accountabilities. Therefore, in order to make your relocating decision a successful move, we have made a list of certain tips that you should follow!

Tips to make your relocating decision successful:

  • Stay well-organized

Particularly, you get stressed when it comes to relocating to another city, state or a country altogether. Experts suggest that 70% of the relocation stress can be reduced by being well-organized beforehand. Keep a list of your to-do things handy both for your departure as well as arrival destinations, just to ensure that you stay away from getting bugged for petty issues. Afterall, managing logistics right from leaving your current location to moving to a completely new environment is stressful.

  • Ask your employer to provide you relocation help

If you get to know that your employer isn’t helping you relocate by offering you relocation assistance, ask for one. This is least that your company can do for you. You can begin by finding out costs related to transportation expenses, storage, rental housing, rental agreement, and quotation from professional packers and movers such as Abode Relocation, etc. Knowing these costs beforehand will help you give a better idea to your employer. Remember to confirm if your employer would reimburse these relocation expenses once you are settled in the new place.

  • Explore the new surroundings before you relocate

If you can take time to visit the new city and explore the same before finally relocating, it would definitely make a difference! This will help you in knowing your neighborhood to suit your lifestyle. If you cannot make time to visit the new place before you relocate, you can talk to your relatives or friends or a friend’s friend, who have visited or stayed in those localities. This will help you get a better perspective about the new surroundings you would soon be settling into. Find out the healthcare services, crime rate, cost of housing, climate, community involvement, child care, schools, transportation, etc.

  • Take time to understand the cost of living in the new place

It is important to know the cost of living for the new place you plan of moving into. Simply because, you are well-prepared with the finances and you know beforehand where and when to spend! 

  • Better not to make any long-term commitments

Renting an apartment is okay, but buying it outright immediately in the new city may have adverse results. What if you aren’t able to adjust in the new surroundings? What if there no better educational facilities around? What if you get another better paying job in another state or a country? Thus, it’s better to take a house on lease and then make an informed decision to buy a house.

  • Building a good social network

Talk to your relatives or friends to help you make new friends in the new location, especially if they have known people around. Your new employer may also offer you membership of a club. Nonetheless, you may join a fitness center or a social club to meet new people to get used to the new environment quickly. This will help you feel happy and vanish the feeling of being home-sick. Simply put, a happy employee is a more productive employee J

Bottom line

There’s an old saying, “You don’t have, since you don’t ask.” Now that you know the basic tips to make your job relocation a successful gig, be stress-free and embrace the new opportunity that life has in store for you.

5 emotions Employees experience during Relocation


Relocating to a new city to pursue another start for your career can be nostalgic as well as a bittersweet phase. You may be glad enough that you have this promising and fresh opportunity ahead in your career, but at the same time it’s also unfamiliar and scary. While you may struggle with several emotions such as sadness, exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, fear, stress and depression to leave your current colleagues and hometown behind, relocation may also take a toll physically on your health. This two minute read will let you experience what employees go through during a relocation phase while switching from one job to another.

5 roller-coaster emotions during an Employee relocation

Employee relocation is an emotional rollercoaster with tons of emotions attached. A plethora of questions start building up, the moment you get to know of relocating to another city. Reactions to relocation however may vary from one person to another, as well as adjustment to move occur along a broad continuum. While few make the transition smoothly, there are others who find that this change of relocation can be a stressful event. There are some individuals who even experience severe agony may pursue psychological counseling, though their reactions are not essentially abnormal.

Let’s find out 5 common emotions that you may experience if you are relocating due to employment:

  1. Stress

Transiting or relocating to a new location can be stressful especially when there is an anxiety about your spouse’s career or concerns about giving your kid’s a quality education. This all leads to stress during the relocation. Relocating to another city for employment is one of the most difficult decisions that you take. After all, these momentous occasions of leaving your current co-workers behind and moving out of your comfort zone to explore new avenues may give you jitters. 

  • Social anxiety

When you relocate to another location for purpose of employment, you may be worried considering the social as well as cultural amenities, real estate market as well as the crime rate of the new city. Even if one of these factors come out to be substandard, there are chances that you as a highly regarded employee may turn a highly unproductive employee, due to social anxieties.

  • Fear

Change is never easy yet it’s inevitable and the only constant thing in this universe. New opportunities in the new city may scare you. But at the same time, doubting your decision to relocate will only lead to undue anxiety and stress. This will result in nothing but setting you back. Therefore, expert’s advice to take relocation with a pinch of salt and create new memories, achieve new success and move forward, certainly not looking back.

  • Physical toll on health

Relocation involves a new macrocosm since it’s simply not moving to a new city with your packed bags. After all, there is a drastic change that is taking place in your culture and overall lifestyle. Given the variety of reactions to relocate, it may be beneficial to describe relocation as a traumatic, or crisis event. Very often, it involves physical symptoms like headache and fatigue.

Today, with plenty of options available when it comes to a Relocation Service Provider, it is best to go ahead with the one that offers end-to-end services. Employers should opt for Abode Relocation Service Providers that offers services such as packaging, warehouse solution, international relocation, junk removal, real estate rental as well as outright services. They are ‘more than just movers’. This is one way that employers can help employees that can tackle both the emotional, mental as well as physical challenges of relocation.

  • Mobility syndrome

Relocation is often particularly difficult for those families who are needed to move since one spouse’s career demands for the same. Often the “choice” for pulling up one’s roots and moving to another location forceful since the decision to prosper or to continue in one’s career may hinge on to relocating. From an emotional perspective, relocating is said to be a complex event.           There are a couple of factors that you need to consider that includes your characteristic way of observing and managing stressful events as well as how you will typically cope up with loss and separation. 

Abode Relocation Service Providers were essentially created to proactively help employees as well as their families to better shift into their new homes in a new city, and to offer them the mental as well as emotional support they need during this time.

This will save your valuable time and energy that you can otherwise utilize it being productive somewhere else. 

While you may necessarily not suffer only negative emotions while relocating, there are chances that you may experience positive emotions too. Simply put, ‘after a dark night, comes a brighter and shiny day’!

  • Relief

You may be eagerly awaiting a chance to construct your game plan for new avenues in your career. You may have got over the feeling of sadness and therefore can make room for positive feelings to achieve success and prosperity in your new role.

  • Acceptance

Post getting over the emotional turmoil, you may start accepting your decision to move on in life, realizing that’s the best you can do for having a great future. You may therefore start appreciating the new role and therefore play a pivotal role in shaping your career. 

  • Determination

Feelings of elation may start seeping in and you may begin to finally embrace the new city and its culture. Now, that there is no room left for fear, anxiety, stress, health issues and mobility syndrome, you’ll feel more motivated and determined to kick-start your career to achieve your dreams and get paid handsomely.  

Bottom line

Though closely all employees will find relocation marginally stressful and will experience some stress related symptoms like exhaustion, emotional reactivity and irritability, there would be some of them who will find ways to establish security as well as meaning in their new location within a reasonable time and thus will suffer relatively less turmoil. With the help of professional Relocation Service Provider’s, you can be rest assured to not having to run pillar to post for buying items required for loading, unloading and packingof your goods.